Potatoe and bacon salad

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I was watching food network and i left for five minutes and when i got back my Aunt told she heard a goood recipe  for Bacon potatoe salad but she can't remember it so if anybody has one it would be greatly apreciated
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[h1]Potatoe and bacon salad[/h1]
are you Dan Quayle ?
That would be "Are" with a capital a. How's that glass house in the summer?

Back to the topic, that Flay recipe looks good. It's pretty similar to what I do, but I use a little bit of balsamic with the cider vinegar.
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We also do a similar potato salad. Or, actually, Friend Wife does; one of the few things she does really well.

I wonder, though: Does everything have to be done on a grill, nowadays? This is a good case in point: other than not heating up your kitchen, what possible advantage does boiling and sauteeing on the grill have? I'd say none.

Now, if the spuds were actually grilled (as Flay has done in the past), that would bring an additional flavor level to the dish.
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Greg said .......

"That would be "Are" with a capital a. How's that glass house in the summer?"

It was a joke. I'm not being a grammar nazi. In fact, potato and potatoe are both correct spellings according to the dictionary.
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