Pot Roast Chicken

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    Hi guys, I pot roasted a chicken last week and want to check my theory with you guys.

    Is "Pot Roast" and "Braising" the same thing?

    Any advice would be great, thanks!

    This is how I pot roasted the chicken...

    1. First I truss the chicken with string to hold together presentablity.

    2. Then, I sealed off the chicken on all sides in a frying pan and placed it in a large casserole pot.

    3. Fry the mirepoix vegetables until slightly brown and add to a casserole pot.

    4. Add Chicken Stock, herbs, Tomatoes and Worcestershire Sauce to the casserole pot. Cover the casserole pot with a lid. Bring to a boil.

    5. Now place the Casserole pot in the oven on a medium heat and cook for 2 hours until chicken is tender.

    6. Once cooked remove chicken from the casserole pot and break down the chicken into legs/breasts etc.

    7. Strain the vegetables, to gain tasty tomato sauce gravy.

    8. Serve chicken with turned vegetables and tomato gravy.  
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    I'd say "pot roast" is a thing while braising is a moist cooking method where the liquid comes partway up the main ingredient. If you cover the ingredient completely then it would be poaching or boiling depending on temperature. I'm not sure I'd use pot roast in relation to chicken, just doesn't seem to fit.

    Along those lines, take roasting and baking. What's the difference? Nothing.
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