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Here's the scoop... I am in search of industry-related posters. You know the type... Milk Marketing Board with all the nutritional benefits of milk, Cattleman's Association with all the primal & sub-primal cuts, etc. I have had very little luck turning up anything by contacting these folks. Does anybody have a 'source' for such posters? My class would be eternally greatful, as the pictures that don our walls now are.... how would you say.... blech!
Thanks a million!!
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Try looking here or here. Try this one too. I typed "food posters" into Google and got these and a bunch more. Good luck!

Have you tried asking the students to make appropriate displays for the walls, as evidence of having done some research? Just a thought.
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The students will be producing table tents as part of their marketing lesson, so I certainly can include a poster option as well. I am hoping to decorate our faculty dining room w/food-related items rather than the 'canned' teacher posters hanging on the walls currently. The faculty dining room is also my classroom.
Did I mention I am looking for the variety that is VERY, very inexpensive (free) ? No $ in the budget, nor in my checking account to decorate the teacher chow line!
Thanks for the help!
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At the Fancy Food Show today (remember what a great time we had last year? Sigh.) I only remembered your request about 3/4 of the way through. So all I picked up were a poster about caviar, put out the the US Dept of the Interior (honestly! :D ) and a bunch of 9 maps showing what wines are produced where in Italy, including a HUGE one of Tuscany. And included in a packet on Italian cheeses, is a poster in Italian and English with photos of cheesemaking and of the factory.

You should at least have the caviar, Tuscany, and cheese factory but they're all yours if you want them. Just pm me your address.

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