Post- COVID culinary work?

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Despite my best efforts to stay healthy, I was diagnosed with COVID last week and I'm concerned about what's ahead once I recover. Physically, I'm having no issues (for me, it's just been like a mild cold), but the major issue that has come up for me is that my sense of taste and smell are pretty much gone. I still have almost two weeks before I'm allowed to leave isolation, but I'm concerned that my senses of taste and smell won't come back even once I'm officially recovered. A friend of mine had COVID about a year and a half ago and she mentioned that her sense of smell only just came back.

Does anyone here have experience with cooking after a COVID infection? I'd like to continue working as a cook, but I'm also not sure how I'd feel about working when I can't even taste my own cooking.
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Probably a bit early to make dire predictions.
On another note, a couple we know that both lost their taste and smell for several months after being infected went to get their booster shot (Moderna) and by the next day both reported that their senses returned. The wife said that she was taking a shower in the morning the next day and realized that she could smell the shampoo.
Lots of things we don't know about what's going on.
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You won't know until you know... Some people get their smell (and taste) back, some don't, and some have it go on and off like a flashing light... I'm not sure if I could cook if I couldn't verify the flavors of what I'm cooking....


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I've read about people having to retrain their sense of taste and smell. You might look into that for later in your recovery.
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On a positive note I'm glad you're okay! That's the biggest thing. I wouldn't get too worried yet about your senses of smell and taste as it seems they mostly return in time. Just keep taking good care of your health!
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