Post-antibiotic eating?

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I am just finishing a week on antibiotics to get rid of a lingering upper respiratory infection. I hardly ever take them -- so have little practice. What can I eat, besides yogurt with live cultures, to ... um, get ... system back to normal? :look:
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Kefir is another option. Like yogurt, kefir contains much less lactose than milk, and betagalactosidase is also harbored by its live organisms.

Lactobacillus organisms are commonly considered to be probiotics, which are defined as live bacteria that improve intestinal microbial balance and enhance health.

There are some new products out there that have recently been introduced by Horizon Organic Dairy of Bolder, CO. Their organic sour creams contain live and active cultures of L. acidophilus and B. bifidus , as does their cottage cheese.

If you need to avoid these foods, yet would like the good bacteria, get some capsules of products containing them at the health food store.

You might want to study both Probiotics and Prebiotics and check out Dietary fiber, prebiotics, and probiotics are examples of the "functional foods" concept and they theme of the IFT Basic Symposium, "Dietary Fiber, Prebiotics, Probiotics and their Role in Intestinal Health.
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Miso. But, don't cook it to boiling. That will kill all the little microrganisms that are what you need.
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Normal flora are bacteria that naturally inhabit the body and are essential for certain functions such as vitamin absorption. Antibiotics, especially wide spectrum antibiotics like penicillin, can wipe out normal flora in addition to the intended target species. To restore the normal flora yogurt is consumed, I heard, widely in Europe. Those tablets metioned by Mezz. should help, too.
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Acidophilus tablets are great, keifir is better than live yoghurt. Go easy on bread, dairy products (apart from the yoghurt or keifir), alcohol and sweet fruit for a while (I know, really practical at this time of year. . .do as i say ;) ). Eat more pulses and brown rice than normal and plenty of garlic as well as green vegetables (you need extra folic aid for a while as well).
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Oh and if you find the respiratory infection looks like it might come back then go and get some Bowen Technique - it should work quite quickly.
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certainly not saying all those other things don't work, but all you really need is a few meals (italian style) with olive oil,fresh roma tomatoes, extra garlic, basil etc. 3.2 glasses of a well rounded red wine to follow. If you find yourself a little anemic my grandmother would sautee up some sweetpotatoes aldente.:D
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Wouldn't a little chicken soup with kasha or matzo balls taste good right now? When I'm feeling punk, there's nothing like it with lots of leek and dill. :lips:
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