post a pic of your kitchen......

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I thought it might be fun to see everybodys digs......I'll grab my camera and get a couple pics on thursday but in the mean time let's see where you do your thing....I mean you kitchen LOL....
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There are a few on fb of my kitchen.. I'm not in any of them though (I hide from the camera or I'm the one behind it!) so I'll copy them and post them here..
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This is the kitchen.. the grill at the far end is where I spend my days.. yep it's the egg station!  The guy holding the torch is one of our owners.. he was just tickled pink that the torch made its way to our place. 

The bosses at the Christmas party.. these two are like second fathers to all of us!  We gave them the picture they're holding and we've all signed on the mat.. now they're going to frame it and hang it in the lobby.

Just so you can see who you've been chatting with... I am the one holding the Homer slippers.. this was taken at our Christmas party.. we did a gift game and I knew my time with Homer was short lived so I had someone snap a pic of me with him! 

Hope you've enjoyed my pics!
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Thats basicaly where I work, what you cant see, on the left out of the picture is the pass, and around the corner is a tiny pastry section and behind this photo is the dish pit

We seat 80, and cater functions of up to 140

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i'd be intrigued to see pictures of kitchens that people work in that actually have windows /img/vbsmilies/smilies/biggrin.gif
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Being an open kitchen we can see outside.. when we have time to look up that is!

When I worked at the cafe I had windows... they were honestly just part of the building though as it was an old house that was converted into a cafe.  
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nice im gonna get a snap tom. but at the restuarant that im doing my internship has windows. pretty nice too. chefbuba, i like that kitchen.
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