Possible entry into sous vide?

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The first sous vide I attempted in college was using a thermo controller rigged to an on off switch for a dumb slow cooker. Things have come full circle. I did this in an hour or two, the logic isn't difficult. I'm sure it works well enough.
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I just got a Joule.  The design and price finally swayed me to give sous vide a try.  
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That's a good price and deal, except for the counter space it needs.  Joule and Anova both cost only a little more and are more flexible in my opinion.  Though this vessel like the SVS lends itself to a few recipes the stick models can't be used on.  

I built my own and quickly went for a new Anova since it just seemed much safer than my frankenheater.  
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My Joule just arrived last week.  Great intro price and a $50 rebate because of shipping delays.  Been too busy to take it out of the box, but I will when things slow down at my new job.
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The only thing I don't like about the Joule is the necessity of using a phone to set it. Seemed dumb to me. I use my anova and it works great. 
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