POS Inventory control VS Excel Worksheets

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Quick Straw poll; I have always used my own Excel sheets to manage food cost and recipe mapping. However, for a new project, we are utilising a POS system that can include an Inventory Module 'Ezee BurrP' (not the name I would have picked)

My own Excell sheets off easy customisation and my own self-built quirks whilst the POS system version are pretty rudimentary, however, the advantage is that everything is linked so there will be no copying across of sales figures as all this will come from the sales side of the POS.

what's your thought on this? in the end I am creating a system for others to run with and manage in the future and the extra steps involved in running two systems and migrating date worries me after i leave.

Thanks all for your thoughts and experiences.
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POS systems can estimate inventory not give an actual count. The inventory has to be hands on to include spoilage, leftover, and theft. I would look for a system that can do both.
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