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I'm new to Chef Talk and would like assistance in figuring out portion size.  I'm having a 90th birthday party for my parents and we will be serving pasta, salad, bread (or rolls), green beans, veggie tray and cake.  We've invited over 100 people and quite a few are senior citizens.  I need help with how much pasta to buy, how many trays of salad, etc.  Thank you so much for your input.
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As a rule of thumb, figure on 2 ounces of dry pasta per serving when used as a main course. Elderly people tend to eat less. So, for 100 people figure on 12 pounds of dry pasta.

I would allow a half cup per serving for the salad and green beans. Not sure what you mean by veggie tray. I would figure on one roll or one thick slice of Italian bread per person. Chances are not everyone will eat bread, but some will double up, and you don't want to run out. An Italian bread typically runs about 12-14 inches, so you'll need about 8-10 of them.
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Meat, seafood, poultry portions are 4 oz per serving (boneless), little more for heavier appetite. Vegetables the same. Pasta 2 oz per serving, little more of main main. Dessert: no limit.
There is a table in the kitchen reference book (see link below) that gives you detailed info on exactly this subject.
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