Portable induction cooktop recommendations please

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Dear friends,
I work as a pastry chef in a commercial hotel-like dining room. The kitchen uses only steam operated cooktops which are impossible for me to use (absolutely no heat control, only off and boiling) so I use a portable gas burner. I've decided it's time to upgrade and get a pro induction cooktop but I have no idea which brands are considered to be the best ones.
I use the cooktop mostly for pastry cream (10 liters at a time) , choux paste and caramel.
Can someone please share his/hers ideas?
Thanks a bunch,
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At our restaurant we have several Iwatani IWA-1800 's.

I service the place but don't cook. However I asked the head chef and one of the sous chefs and they said they work fine.

The only thing I remember is when I went to fix the cord on one of them, I discovered that part of the sensor in the middle had come loose or detached (it's been a while).

Usually you can just go the website and Support or Parts and find what you need. But in this case, I remember all they had was a local service place to refer me to. I wasn't too impressed by that.

But for us they're in use constantly and they do seem to work well.

You can always check reviews on Amazon, too.
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