Portable Building into Catering Kitchen..any suggestions

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Hi! I'm  considering buying a portable storage building most people use in their backyards as storage or a garden shed and turning it into a catering kitchen. I know I will be starting off from scratch because all I would have in this building is foundation, subfloors, no insulation no walls, a blank slate. Is this feasible, possible? Has anyone done this? In my mind, I can and I am aware of the few sub contractors I will need plus commercial kitchen equipment. Any advice and suggestions is greatly appreciated.
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Cant speak for other countries, but generally in the USA any kitchen used for off premises catering

has to be a fully equipped, health inspected/appoved kitchen, complying with FDA health codes, with

such things as exhaust hood, 3 sink sanitation, hand sink, commercial grade appliances etc.

And you yourself must apply for and receive a health license. 

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