pork tenderloin

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hey folks, havent been around in a while. hope alls well. anyway,

im doing a pork tenderloin tonight. i figured id do the sear to oven thing. im gonna kill it at high heat on my grill pan on both sides to give it a nice cross hatch pattern, and finish it off in the oven, pan and all.

so, two questions. can somone recommend a temp to finish it at, and how long to cook it at that temp per pound of pork? im thinking about 350 for 25 min per pound or so. am i close?

two., anyone got either a good simple rub or marinade i could try? for pork i really like olive oil and lemon juice, salt pepper garlic onion and oregano. ie,  pork souvlaki. but im thinking for this id like to switch it up a bit.

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Instead of using time I suggest looking at the internal temperature or by feel.  In case of pork tenderloin you can safely eat it at medium so cook it to 145-150 F (or until it has some spring but is neither very firm nor very soft to the touch) on the inside then let it rest, if you cook it to this doneness it will take substantially less than 25 minutes.

Unlike a whole animal such as a turkey or whole pig I wouldn't use minutes per pound (if you're insistent on using time as a guideline) because for pieces such as a tenderloin any increase in weight usually means the piece is longer (but not much thicker) so it won't take much slower to cook than a lighter piece of meat.  If I were to hazard a guess a pork tenderloin shouldn't take more than 12-15 minutes in the preheated oven after its been seared.


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I agree that 25 minutes in the oven is way too long.  Personally, for pork tenderloin, I always cook it all the way on the stove top.  I see no reason to oven a piece of meat that is only going to take 10-15 minutes max on the stove top.  Many chefs and cooks will finish it in the oven, in a restaurant situation, but that is more about time and pan management than about proper "technique."
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Too late for tonight's dinner, but the last pork I did ( a loin, not a tenderloin ) had Jamaican jerk rub on it, good match with pork. It was some store bought stuff given to me, so I don't know the exact ingredients. I imagine a web search would turn up several possibilities.

I served the pork with rice, grilled pineapple and a nice brown sugar - rum sauce.

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I would also go by temperature rather than time.  This is the kind of cut that if it's just a teeny tiny bit overcooked it's horrible.  I like staying withint the medieterranean lines of seasoning as well and use a simple rub of oregano, fennel, pepper bound with a little mustard. 
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