Pork Smell?

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Whew! What is that stench emanating from the wife's pork shoulder in the slow cooker? Open the windows! Where's the Febreze? You may object that you can't diagnose from 1,000 miles away, but I am guessing this is characteristic of either a) pork in general or, b) pork gone bad or, c)?? Help!And PS: I ain't just some pork-a-phobe. Love chops and roast pork and eat a bunch.
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Porque gone baaaaaad, imho. All of the boston butts that I've cooked slowly never emanated an offensive odor and I know that bb's aren't shoulder but nonetheless, your wife's doesn't sound good at all. How did it smell when taken out of the fridge????? Offensive = baaaaad therefore discard.
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It can be a number of things. But, funky smells associated with being in the package tend to dissipate rather quickly once the package has been opened leaving behind the smell of good meat. Bad meat almost always has a bad smell to it and that smell does not go away during cooking.

Its a long shot, but, its entirely possible she may be using some kind of ingredient that's creating a bad smell. Sometimes ingredients interact with each other and create a funk.

Good luck.
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Once in a while, I always run into some non-organic pork with a very porky smell. I think it has somehow got to do with the pig's diet and how its raised. Organic pork, on the other hand, almost always smells like fresh air.
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