Pork Ribs from Pork Belly - something simple

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Hi all, I'm new here so be gentle :)

I bought a 1.9kg slab of pork belly to cook sous vide (using this recipe - http://www.greatbritishchefs.com/recipes/sous-vide-pork-belly-recipe) and it still had the ribs on it.

I've cut the ribs off, and now have this small rack of ribs that I don't really want to throw away. It's not very big however, and there isn't much meat on it, as I tried to leave all the flesh on the belly.

Has anyone got any suggestions as to something really really simple I can do with it so it doesn't go to waste? All the internet suggestions seem to be multiple hours of preparing BBQ smoky flavours etc, which seems ott for this small slab.

Any thoughts appreciated - I'm gearing up to just oven cook them with some white wine, thyme and garlic.
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Thats how it goes you can have meaty belly or ribs, not both. How butchers decide to cut depends on season and clientele. Is it BBQ season, is it roast season, ethnic market etc.

Thai place here simmers tender then grills hard. Fish sauce, honey, lime, mint, cilantro that kind of thing, orange wedge.

If it's a real shiner scrape the meat out for ground meat dishes and use bones for stock
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Personally, I would throw them on a hot grill.  If they don't have much meat, there ins't a need to spend too much time & effort on it.  Gnawing on the bones is the best part anyway.
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I like to first marinate then grill. The marinade is normally based on oil/mustard, sometimes ketchup, and dry spices (garlic, oninon, paprika, herbs...). 

Another use is to simmer then in your tomato sauce (whenever you're making tomato sauce). They're delicious that way, and they give a little meaty taste to the tomato sauce. 
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Whenever I get odds and ends of meat I throw them in the freezer.  Then I usually place it in a pan of roasting potatoes, that little bit of meat and fat gives a lot of good flavor to potatoes and then you can gnaw on it too.
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If there is not a lot of meat on them the best bet is something like soup. Make a light broth with the bones and some aromatics, then use that to make something like a split pea soup or a bean/bacon/cabbage soup...whatever. 
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If there really is hardly any meat, I would use them for stock or feed them to my dogs /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif

Otherwise, on the grill......
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Thanks guys!

I'm snowed under with Christmas prep, so I'm ashamed to say that while I've printed this thread off and stuck it into the folder.. next doors dogs won the ribs!

The belly is happily sat in the Sous Vide bath and looks quite merry :)

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