pork belly

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I have a 2kg piece of pork belly. Can anyone recommend a recipe?

I have searched the internet but there doesn't seem to be many varieties. I have tried the chinese recipe - hoi sin with 5 spice rub in meat and roast in oven.

I have eaten a slow cook pork belly but prefer a crispy skin to a sticky skin - this particular dish involved cooking the pork belly for 4-5hours in a stock then finishing it off in the oven to get the skin firmer and stickier.
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The long cooking help get some of the fat off and making the pork belly meltingly tender. You braise it whole slowly up to three days in advance.

For a crisp skin, cut portion sized pieces in a medium heated cast iron. Render and turn until brown all over.

My favorite match is pork belly and scallop. Indlugent.

There's a great recipe for pork belly in "The suger club cook book" if you can get a hold of it.
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Slow braise in cider & apple juice with some lemon thyme garlic & bay leaf. Remove & reduce & strain the sauce, Paint pork with honey & return to a low oven...dont let it burn, Serve with stuffed roasted apples & a garlick mustard mash. This is a regional recepie from Somerset...uk..but equally at home in Normandy France. Drink lots of cold cider....enjoy
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