Pork Belly- valentines day menu

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I run a seafood concept and I have a few pork bellies in the freezer, im looking to do something with them for valentines day. I had a chocolate/espresso/chile dry rub that i was thinking about usuing, and pairing with scallops and ___? But in looking for tips or a recipe for cured/braised pork belly. Open to other flavor profiles than the chocolate rub...
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Do something crazy, do something wreckless, do something interesting! Maybe turn it into a dessert! Like deep fry small chunks of pork belly til crispy and dark let cool a bit then Robot. Dip small scoops of ice cream (maple, cherry, sassafras, whatever flavors you like with pork) and hold in the freezer on a sheet pan. Roll 3 different balls in pig dust and plate to order [emoji]128512[/emoji] It's like fried ice cream! Apologies, hormonal.
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I've done a Jack Daniels and pomegranite (sp) molasses roasted pork belly for V-day once. Awesome.

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