Pork belly recipes?


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Has anyone got a favourite way to cook pork belly? I bought some beautiful free-range pork from an online butcher,  I want to do it justice. We love crispy crackling, so I need to cook the bellies in a way that preserves that - but other than plain roast, I'm not sure what to do with it. I'm thinking a 5-spice and honey glaze might be nice, but if you can think of anything else - please help!
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Been doin' pork belly all summer with a method based on one from here with great results from the diners...deals with the issue you ask about too.

Basically its a long slow braise...

First cut off the skin (skin side down works for me) trying not to hole it! Give the fat side your favourite rub, I use my own 'Tuscan' blend, and place it on a rack above about 3/4" water (bout 1.5 lt) in, I use, a deep hotel pan. I rub the underside of the skin with a 1:1 sugar/salt mix (we do a bit of smoking) or just S&P then put it back on top of the belly.

Cover the pan with foil & into the oven for 6-8 hrs at 100-130C...I set this up last thing & the breakfast chef pulls it out in the morning so cooking time varies with no significant effect...

When cool enough lift off the skin lay on a baking sheet & chill. Later you strip off excess fat cut into thin strips par roast to deep tan but still flexible when hot.

Portion the belly cutting strips bout 4cm across the grain (easier to eat this way) then cutting the strips into manageable lengths say...8-10cm...2/prtn in my case.

To serve saute rub side down to a good colour...if it sticks release carefully so as not to destroy your presentation. Turn over oven til hot with 4 or so strips of crackling. When good n hot place just the crackling under the salamander & it will puff & curl up...cool!

For the Sauce strain the chilled braising liquor, lightly beat in some egg white & reduce a bit. Strain through a clean cloth for a chrystal stock...flavour as you will...I use Madeira & apple syrup thickened with cornstarch.

This method renders off a lot of fat but what's left is truly melt in your mouth gorgeous...as I say its based on a post in here somewhere but I'm sure you can find it for yourself...good luck it's worth the effort....

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