Pork Belly in Pressure Cooker


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I have braised pork belly in a pressure cooker twice now. The first time I put it in as a small slab, and the second time I pre-portioned it.
Both times I was unhappy with the results. It seems to warp the squares into funny shapes (makes for a bad presentation) and I cant seem to get the texture right.
Has anyone braised pork belly in a pressure cooker before? Any tips?
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Are you cooking it in the pressure cooker due to time constraints? I prefer the slow cooking, and I weight the end result down with some plates to get the flatness I like. Have tried weighing it down after?
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Cooking will always distort the shape of your meat. As Welldonechef said, they key is to reshape the meat after cooking by pressing it... which is only possible in restaurants because we don't usually serve it on the same day as it's cooked.
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have you tried portioning it and tieing it up? I just braised some this weekend and tied them, and they came out ok.
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