Poppy seeds


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Made a poppy seed roll years ago..had a 1/4 cup leftover in a jar for ages..thought I'd just toss them out the kitchen window..
In the spring..I'd be damned if they didn't grow like crazy!!.. papaver somniferum too! :blush:
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They're used a lot in Indian cooking as was mentioned above, basically as a sauce thickener (the pale/beige kind; not sure how appetising an almost black sauce would be!)
An added bonus of using nuts, seeds etc. as thickeners (compared to cornstarch etc) is that they actually have flavour!

They have a really nice toasted grain flavour, which you really only get when you're having large quantities of crushed grains, as opposed to having a few sprinkled on a pastry where you can barely taste them.

They also use them in pastry fillings together with jaggery (raw sugar) and dessicated coconut which I find to be an incredibly symbiotic combination.

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