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One of my favorite local dogs (A Corgie named Ringo) got hit by a customer leaving a local feed store Sat.. He was the yard dog. Found out this morning they had to put the poor guy down. Also found out that after hitting the dog the person responsible rolled down her window said "sorry" and drove off as the owners were running to the injured dog.

This was the dog that changed my wife's opinion about Corgies and resulted in us getting our dog Riley. He was the best feed store supervisor and rodent control engineer you ever saw and always had a belly to offer up to his favorite customers. Gonna miss the little guy and hold bad thoughts to the bastard that hit him.
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"Sorry" ???  Seriously?  There's a lonely table in hell for irresponsible people who run over dogs without remorse. 


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Someone needs to get the license plate of that car. Do a public records search and paste it all over facebook.  /img/vbsmilies/smilies//frown.gif

Sorry to hear about the dog.  People can be such jerks.

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