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Hey Ya'll.

I just did a consulting job where the owner and I had a disagreement during the heat of the rush, he apologized to me and I to him. I didn't charge him for the evening and he gave me a bottle of 1995 Chateau Clinet POMEROL. I know POMEROL is very expensive, I have never had it because although enjoying and cooking with wine could at this point never justify the expendeture for something like this. Has anyone ever had this particular wine , vintage, or winery? The retail store price was $165.00 for the bottle. (the tag was still on)Please help this "peasant" chef!


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Man I can't believe that, a bottle of 1995 Chateau Clinet POMEROL. Some people have all the luck! Sounds like you handled the situation the right way to end up with such a nice bottle of vin.


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Well Nicko and Bradchef,

Either I handled the tense situation well or he had no idea of what he had, well I guess he must have had some idea, he had to buy it right? He wanted to pay me for the evening, but with a gesture like this I just couldn't accept any more than the wine. I think my wife and I will store it and then enjoy it on our 13th wedding anniversary in 2005 at a very special dinner, God willing. Thanks for the info gentelmen.
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