pomegranite juice

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does anyone know a way I could extract the juice from pomegranites?
the only wayI could think is in a food mill over a cheesecloth lined chinois, but I think might be bitter from the seeds and all. I anyone has any ideas, pweeese let me know. THanx
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Having just needed 2 qts. for a dressing I was making,this is what I did. I put the seeds into a ss pot and added a cup of water brought to a boil then passed through a chinios mousseline pressing w/ the back of a ladle. That worked for me I hope it does for you. Btw, they sell in in stores this time a yr so unless you have a tree or something it might be more economical.
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The best way to juice a pomegranate is to cut it in half horizontally, then juice each half on a citrus juicer as you would any citrus fruit.
One other tip is to roll the fruit around on a cutting board pressing hard with the palm of your hand to release the juices internally before cutting it open.
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I have tried using a juicer, but find that the juice has a bitter side taste from the white membranes. I get the best results with using brute force to crack it open, then removing the seeds. Put them in a sieve, press with the back of a spoon and juice is what you end up with. Works for me!
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Theres a product I use taht is from lebanan, the brand is "CORTAS"
It is a concentrate of the juice.It is Very,Very strong!!!!

A little bit goes a long way.
It's great in vinaigrettes,fantastic with Venison.

As fpr juicing fresh pomagranites I agree with the two prevouise post,they will however give a somewhat different end result.

I have just cut them in half and then kind of break them up,I use a fork to remove the seeds.I then place the seeds between two sheets of parchment and roll them with a rolling pin the pierce then I force through a china cap
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I was just looking through old copies of Saveur and found this in the November/December 1995 issue, in an article all about pomegranates:

"To prepare juice in the quantity called for in these recipes, select 12 - 15 very ripe pomegranates. Roll them while pressing firmly, one at a time, on the kitchen counter to soften the pulp and release juice into the fruit's interior. Nex, hold each pomegranate over a bowl, puncture it with a small, sharp knife, and squeeze to extract all the juice. Strain, reserving any seeds for another use. The juice can be frozen in a plastic container for later. Makes about 3 cups."

BTW: what Cape Chef mentioned is pomegranate molasses -- wonderful but quite different from straight juice. And Grenadine, supposedly also made from pomegranate juice, is different as well.
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