Polycarbonite molds

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Hi all
I'm using brand new polycarbonite molds polished them with cotton balls
I'm using ghiardelli baking bars and colored cocoa butter why are they not releasing how thick should the chocolate shell be. Also when I fill the molds and turn them over all the chocolate comes out leaving really then coating thanks for all suggestions
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First of all, the chocolate should be tempered, according to the recommended temperatures. Secondly, you ought to beware of the mold temperature. According to a book reference:

The chocolate doesnt release consistently from the mold and breaks easily. (that means that cold couverture was poured into warmer - room temperature- molds.

The chocolate releases from the molds but turns white- Dull finish and poor contraction. (that means that cold couverture into cold molds).

The chocolate sticks to the mold and has a streaked appearance. (that means that cold couverture was poured into a warm or hot mold).

The chocolate turns gray or white - bloom. ( that means that warm chocolate was placed in the refrigerator that is too cold)

So the process is like filling the molds (fully) with tempered chocolate. Then you tap the molds on the work surface a bit to burst any air bubbles. Afterwards, turn it upside down and allow excess chocolate drain out (now you can repeat the process for thicker chocolate shells). Run it with a scraper to clean the edge of each shell. Leave it alone , still upside down for 5 minutes. Neaten the edges with the scraper. Finally let the chocolate contract at a cool place or at the refrigerator for 20 minutes. They should be okay.

Hope it helps
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