Polishing Stainless Steel?

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There is a thread now on "seasoning stainless steel" and that got me thinking. What about "polishing stainless steel"?

My 12" saute pan is one of the KitchenAid anodized aluminium pans that are lined with stainless steel. I like this pan because, well, it is large, it was $15 at a garage sale, and has a helper handle.

When I first got this pan, it was extremely dirty with stuff carbonized all over it. I soaked and scrubbed and scoured the inside until the stainless steel was clean, and then I took metal polish and a buffing pad to it, followed by lots of hot water and soap. The pan's interior ended up mirror-like and as slick as, well, skates on a ice rink. If I wanted to produce fond, I could leave the searing meat stationary, but if I wanted non-stick, I simply wiggled the handle occasionally and the pan behaved like it were Telfon. Well, with time and a lot of cooking, even avoiding metal utensils, over time the pan's interior became normal again - shiny enough, but not like it had been. So, I am thinking about polishing it up again.

But then I realized, maybe I should ask if this is wise? I don't recall noticing any taste of metal polish, and didn't poison myself. But there must be some reason why people aren't buffing their pan interiors on the wheel. Is a slightly rough interior preferable for a stainless steel pan?
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I've heard, probably on here, that you don't want a super mirror bottom, for non-stick purposes (or, maybe that was for cast iron? who knows...). But, if it works for you...well, it works and don't change it!

For me, a little barkeepers friend every other use or so, and mine stay as clean and shiney as I need them :)
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The reason they're not normally sold that way is because they won't stay that way. If you want to polish it, knock yourself out.

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