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Joined Oct 6, 2002
What event in your life made you look at yourself and say,
"I wanna cook for a living"
Joined Nov 21, 2001
i think it was genetics. my great aunts and uncle owned inns in watch hill,r.i. and i grew up with my mom teaching me all that she had learned working in the kitchens when she was younger. that and i craved a steadier paycheck than waiting tables or bartending. oh, and i was told that girls don't belong in kitchens - i just had to go for it after that challenge!!:)
Joined Nov 20, 2000
I was starving and there was no one around to make anything for me! It was fend for myself or starve. Been starving ever since!:eek: :D
Joined Feb 21, 2001
It was a girlfriend who told me I needed a job, and who pushed me into boston's first breuer chair and hanging fern restaurant, where I watched the only genius I've ever met who inspired me to put on the toque.
Joined Oct 13, 2001
Well to be honest , I was a hungry child . My mom could burn water and so my endevours in the kitchen started early and have yet to stop .
Joined Nov 10, 2001
I wanted to learn to cook while i was at school,but was told this was possible.Cookery lessons were only available to female pupils. This really p*&%^ed me off!!
I decided there and then that i would learn to cook when i left school.
Now,i know how enjoyable cooking can be as well as the level of dedication that is required to be a chef.
There are two key points:
1) people whoever/wherever they are will always need to eat.
2) being able to cook is one thing,being able to cook to a high standard is another. Leo.:chef:

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