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    I recently went to the French restaurant Parc in Philadelphia and I ordered the Norwegian Salmon cider poached, braised red cabbage, with mustard vinaigrette. It was really great and what amazed me most was that the salmon was somehow infused with flavor. Every time I've ever made or had salmon in a restaurant in the past, the outside of the fish is flavored, but the inside always has the distinct salmon flavor characteristic of the fish. Yet the salmon dish I ordered at Parc wasn't like this at all. The inside flesh tasted like it was somehow infused with a flavoring that matched the sauce that covered the fish.

    I decided to try to make the dish myself at home, poaching a salmon filet in woodchuck 802 hard cider with butter, olive oil, and salt/pepper mixed in. First I lightly browned the outside of the filet in a pan with butter and olive oil. Then I covered the fish in the hard cider and left it over a medium heat covered for a few minutes until it finished cooking. I then boiled down the hard cider to make a sauce that went overtop the fish. But when I tried the salmon the inside of the fish still had the strong salmon flavor with no hint of any infused flavor. The only nice flavor came from the sauce spooned on top. This failed attempt has left me stumped as to how they accomplished this and so I bring the question here. Does anybody know how they might have managed to have infused the salmon with flavor?
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    The salmon could have been marinated or injected . Then done using Sous Vide method.
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    Salmon may have been vacuum marinated, that opens up the meat and lets it draw in the marinade