PLZ HELP! - Japanese Food, Menus, service structure?

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    Hi all,

    I was hoping to come across someone who has worked in a Japanese resturant or someone that knows alot about Japanese Food / menus/ service structure. I'm doing a report for trade school and am really struggling.

    I went to a japanese restaurant here in Melnourne, but it's not the same. I have read and read and read till my eyes almost bleed. But still i can't get a grasp of what is being read and now i find myself just a few hours away from handing in a draft and i'm freaking out!


    Plz help!
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    There's a sushi bar and a back kitchen.  Sushi bar handles, you guessed it, sushi.  The back kitchen supports the sushi bar with rice and other items like tempura, teriyaki, etc.

    The kitchen also does the bento boxes assembly.  If any of the items require raw fish from the sushi bar the sushi bar will normally supply these.

    Noodles come out of the kitchen too, as do salads and stuff.

    So all you have to do is research a Japanese restaurant menu and figure out how to go from there.
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