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You may of noticed a new user @workingduds  and some new informational pieces being posted on ChefTalk:
[article="29251"]What Makes Up A Great Chef Uniform  [/article][article="29258"]Trends In Kitchen Shirts  [/article]
ChefTalk is pleased to welcome @workingduds  to the site as an industry insider. They are a fantastic resource for chef jackets, pants, and more. They are even offering the community a 10% discount ( [thread="89985"]Workingduds Affordable Chef Apparel Official Sponsor Of Cheftalk​[/thread]  ). If you have questions about your uniforms and what is best for your particular role in the kitchen the be sure to reach out to them in the forums or via a pm. 

We would also remind the community that sponsors like keep alive and well so please make them feel welcome.
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