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Hey everyone, I am so excited to tell you about a new program we are starting here at called “Industry Insiders”.  Over the next several months we will have the privilege of  various industry insider’s expertise. Our first industry insider is Mad Cow Cutlery and they will be actively participating in our knife and cutlery discussion here on ChefTalk. They main goal is to help answer questions and offer insider knowledge about their specific area of expertise (Cutlery).

Please welcome Mad Cow and fire away with your cutlery questions!

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That's great Nicko, Very cool addition to cheftalk.
Welcome Mad Cow. Hey, how did you come up with your name?
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 First, my name is Daniel Clay and I am the Director of Operations for Mad Cow Cutlery and will be the primary contact at ChefTalk.  I want to thank everyone at ChefTalk for the opportunity to be part of one of the best online communities on the web.  After we get through the set-up stage here at ChefTalk we will be actively involved in the community answering questions, providing reviews, videos, submitting articles, and providing information that we hope is informative.  The name Mad Cow Cutlery came about by accident.  When we first set out to start Mad Cow, we were looking for a name that would have some association or recognition with our main customer base--the butcher and meat processors.  We also wanted something that would be easy to remember and be easy to capture the attention of the home retailer.  So one day we were just going over names and I was telling the story about when I was in a small beef slaughter plant in Missouri and a really mad cow tried to run over a couple of workers.  The owners laughed about how that was an actual mad cow--a play on words comparing it to the Mad Cow Disease that was being heavily regulated by the USDA on the plants.  So then it just clicked they we should be called Mad Cow Cutlery, because the meat plants were already familiar with the term and what would make a cow more mad than a business selling knives and tools for processing cows.  We have since expanded to providing knives, sharpeners and other tools to restaurants, bbq competition teams, cooking students, home processors, and home chef, but have found the Mad Cow Cutlery name to stand out in the crowd.  Again, everyone at Mad Cow Cutlery looks forward to being part of ChefTalk. 
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