Please tell a beginner how to chop/peel ginger!

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Beware that some supermarkets have no hesitation about selling you old gingerroot, which is more difficult to peel and not as tasty. You want to buy the plumpest roots, not wrinkled, and they should be firm, not tender to the touch. Old gingerroot will bend; the fresh stuff readily breaks at the joints.
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I cut it in slices the size of a quarter, smash it with the side of my knife, and then chop to break up the fibers. Neater for me than using a grater, although I use it for larger quantities.


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My ginger is in a little bag in the freezer. It stays fresh forever. Before using just remove a bit of the outer skin with a paring knife and grate the amount you need.
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If storing in sherry, always pour in enough medium-dry sherry to cover the ginger so the ginger is completely submerged.

You can also store ginger by burying it in soil or sand. It lasts for months and may even grow into a plant! (prefers part sun/shade)
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I used to keep the ginger in sherry or Chinese rice wine but it is now so readily available and the wine does affect the flavor. I break the root into pieces and wrap each one airtight in plastic wrap and store in the fridge. I use a lot of ginger and it usually keeps fresh for at least two weeks. As for chopping and grating - the microplane works as well for ginger as it does for citrus zest (garlic and shallots too!)

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