Please Pray for Me Because I've Done Something Very Bad

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LOL I have a packet of the extra long Hebrews...however, I will not eat the whole package and I WILL use bright yellow mustard and enjoy every bite! I like them filleted and fried. Having said all that, I use a Little Black Book-Daily Food Diary to track everything I eat and drink...weight loss going extremely well and 'dogs' are allowed as long as I track them and use portion control and calorie counting while staying within the limits of my daily calorie ration! Works great and I eat very well...tomorrow is another day. Sinner repent and get over it, move on to the next great day which is full of potential to be different!


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I live in Chicago and I think that on top of all the hot dog wrongs you committed you did not go to Hot Doug's for a proper hot dog. At least you ate them plain man. If you would of posted you slathered them with ketchup I would of had to ban you from the forums....

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This forum is, for the most part, forgiving. We can let your transgressions slide this time. Unless of course, you enjoy football and are a Packers fan.

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