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Hi everybody!
Could some one tell me how to get into Charlie Trotter's web site.
You are very kind
thanks in advance.
Hasta pronto!!


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The web address is: This will take you to an intro page. Just underneath the montage there is the word "enter". Click on that and that will take you to the home page.
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Charlie Trotter is a chef who is constantly searching for excellence. He takes simple ingredients and works some special magic with them. He has a restaurant in chicago called Charlie Trotters. For me, his passion for his craft is both contagious and inspiring.
Check for some of his books.


btw, what did you end up doing for your Burns dinner? I got dragged out to a restaurant that evening for some people I don't even like that much.
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I had smoked fish pate and haggis neep and tatties at home and watched a concert of Burns songs on the TV. The programmes was wonderful but wasn't on the net or else i would have posted it
Thanks for that about Charlie Trotter, I didn't think that he could be related to Rodney and DelBoy from Only Fools And Horses!
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Rachel,Charlie Trotter`s brain still works!!Del-boy and Rodney are the type of people who would be twice as thick if they had two brains!!!!
I must point out that Charlie Trotter can speak English,but the "Trotters" are from "Sarf London".They have their own language,the one stereotype "cockneys"speak.

Leo R.:chef:
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