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Discussion in 'Choosing A Culinary School' started by austinhartman, Oct 6, 2013.

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    Hello all,
    I'm in need of some help and guidance as I soon will start my college education and I need some help to decide on what I should do.

    I want to go into baking and pastry however I am also considering a general culinary degree however I don't know which one would be more beneficial and diverse in the real world.

    I'm a Junior in high school so I have some time to get this all in order but the sooner the better.

    The school I'm looking at is Johnson & Wales a university in Charlotte NC and they have a specific baking and pastry area, they also have are accredited with New England Association of Schools and Colleges but again I don't know how ' valuable ' this is compared to other accredited schools.

    Thank you for reading and for the help.
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    If you have the personality to manage--consider the culinary degree or better yet,hotel/restaurant management--and also study the pasties---

    I also suggest you get a part time job at a bakery----get your feet wet and see if you like the waters---Mike----
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    Hi Austin,I think if your learning towards the baking and pastry that is where you should head. The general culinary degree is so much more broad and something you could branch out to later in your career. Plus I like the baking and pastry because it is a shorter program.

    If you have not worked in the business prior to going to school I would highly recommend that you do. Get a job working for a local pastry chef and see if it really is what you want to do.