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Hello everyone,

I am really hoping someone here can help me. My great-grandmother, who was Austrian, made these cookies that I guess were Austrian also and I am having a hard time identifying them.

I think there are only like 4 or 5 ingredients-- flour, sugar, eggs, butter and a lot of ground walnuts. You make the dough and then press the dough into metal cups that look like bear claws, which is what my family calls them.

I am trying to find these metal cups to buy, and when I search on "bear claws," I have no luck. Just hoping someone might have seen or heard of these things before.

Thanks for your help!

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Check out New York Cake and Baking Supply atNY Cake and Bake

If you can stand their surly attitude, you can generally find anything you may want.

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I deleted the other 2 posts, so all the replies will end up here. The only mold I can think of that looks like a bear claw is a madeleine. (But it's really more like a scallop shell). Is this what you're referring to?
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Thanks for your help-- I don't think it's the same as a madeleine, but I am going to check the site out that the other person mentioned. Maybe the cookie molds we have are worth something, they are at least 50 years old!
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