Please help me and others by namedropping some of your restaurantfavorites worldwide

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Greatings global kitchenbrotherhood!

Please allow me to feed on your collectively fruitful knowledge and overview of cookery around the world and I promise to keep the knowledge flowing when I myself get some experience!

See, I am a Danish Cookery student currently looking around the world for a place to start an apprenticeship this January after my initial 5 months of school. I find it hard though to get a proper overview through google and need some recommendations and tips. If you have any favorite restaurants or know of places that are especially good to learn from.

I have great interest in the whole earth-to-table concept and would love to be close to the ingredients I use from growing, harvesting, conserving, butchering, but of course my main focus is cooking techniques. I prefer the concept of more intimate places and not the great big hells kitchen style things. Locationwise I have no prferences yet, the arts are the preference.

I know this place is not a dating site or anything, but I just don't know where to look right now, so any experience and knowledge you're willing to share will be highly appreciated, really! Just a name of a place and I will look it up myself and if you want to share more with me about your own ideas and thoughts about what a kitchen should be I will love to hear it and believe me it will help me on my path nomatter what.

Anything you would like to share!
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Good morning,

I know this was posted some time ago, however I wanted to reach out and drop a name to you for your search.

Chef Lorenzo Polegri is someone I wish I had met prior to enrolling in Culinary School.  I performed my externship with him at his restaurant, located in Orvieto(Umbria), IT.  But it was much more than an externship.  It truly was a dramatic extension of my schooling.  I feel like culinary school did not prepare me for the real world, sadly.  It also did not bring me close to the sources of ingredients, nor teach me to appreciate the ingredients.  However when I took my 3 months to immerse myself in Italy, that is where I learned to appreciate sources.

In those three months, we cooked, we traveled, we became one with everything that we touched.  From one of the first days of visiting a local goat cheese farm, to working in the vineyards in the chef's countryside home.  Everyday was an experience and one to never forget.

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