Please help if you can!

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 Ok.. we have had to do some drastic staffing cuts at work and now the station specific prep and stock lists I have been toying with MUST be ready to go before Sunday.  I have everything written out by hand and now the  hard part... getting the dang thing typed up on the computer.

I am admittedly rather usless when it comes to doing anything complex with  word and well exel.. that just baffles me. 

I need some computer help here,... what I need to make is a chart (or table) with nine main columns and then within seven of them three sub columns and I am not sure what to do. 

If anyone here is online and has msn messenger and can help me through this please add me to your list.  My msn is [email protected].  I have it running right now...

One more thing.. I am using a mac and it is a g4 .. I know old but the laptop is on the GO train right now with hubby...  The programs are cross platform but to clueless me it's all Greek!  LOL

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me do this!  I'm at the point of getting out a ruler and doing it by hand!
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