please help. don't know what to do with my life

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    I need any type of advice. I'm stuck at a crossroad. I've loved cooking since a little girl. My mom never cooked so it fell on me to cook for my family. I went to culinary school and got my associates degree. I wielded in several bakeries, café and restaurants. During my last year at school I world as a line cook at a really busy restaurant. I got hired as a pastry assistant but did that on some days and others I worked the line doing gourmet brick oven pizzas and desserts. It was so crazy working both stations all by myself never having any experience in the kitchen at that time. Because of that experience I vowed to never work as a line cook again. So I enjoyed working in bakeries icing cakes and cupcakes. Making pastries from scratch and making pull apart cakes. I'm not a very creative person. I have to look up pictures and ideas to get the wheels rolling. I can't come up with a dish or design for a cake at the drop off a hat. I get bored with cupcakes and cake. My last job was nice because every order was so different and I could decorate without anyone telling me exactly what to do. Some days were boring. I can't Work somewhere with to much repetition or I'll get bored and hate going into work. I'm realky enjoying cooking at home. My issue is I don't know if i like cooking or baking more. I want to cook but not in a crazy hectic environment. I want to enjoy cooking! I just want to figure out what I want to do with my life.I have two girls that depend on me and my time is very precious. If I'm going to be working and that time is spent away from my kids I want it to be for something I love! I hope someone can relate to this or give me some insight. Thanks in advance. Sorry if there's any typos.
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    Consider working for a college or school? I do and get summers off, collect UE, have time to garden, am afforded some creativity,  and with ~1/3 of the year off; you'll likely get bored of not working (but you get time off when part time employment at least in this area is at it's best). I also get in a good mix of serving, prep, cooking, and cleaning.  
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    Hi! I just wanted to throw something out there. If income is not on the top of your list, there is always volunteering. Places like the Ronald McDonald house is a lovely environment to go and do what you like without all the hectic. Especially if you like to bake. Sometime a "thanks" or a "thumbs up" from a child going through a trauma is worth a lot more then a check. Just sayin.