Plated dessert.

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I posted about a cheesecake, but I've changed my idea.

Some background, I'm a culinary student, in the pastries section right now. We have to make a plated dessert.

My new idea is a pear, poached in chai infused simple syrup, stuffed with a ginger creamcheese, reduce the syrup, and add some cream and honey... maybe thicken it with cornstarch if it's not the consistency I want. Pour the sauce on the plate, along with a bitter chocolate ganache.

My issue right now is the there isn't enough textural contrast. I tried brulee-ing the outside. It worked, but I'm not sure it's exactly what I want. I could maybe dip the pear in some tempered chocolate... maybe some tuile...

Ideas? Comments? Thanks guys! You rock!

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