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Hello Friends,
I decided that either I could: A) try to grade papers, B) watch CNN all day or C) go to Tomatomania (a big tomato plant sale--lots of heirloom tomatoes) to pick up a few types of tomatoes I've read a lot about but hadn't bought seeds for.
Glad I picked C. I immediately met a lovely couple from Chino who had come yesterday, left their keys and then came again today to pick up their keys and were buying even more tomatoes. We had a really nice conversation about tomato planting (and tomato addiction). As many of you know, the L.A. area can be a pretty unfriendly place. So long conversations with strangers can be a real treat. And I've got to say that talking to them made my day. I needed to be reminded about basic humanity, the kindness and generous spirit that I believe most people share. As long as I know that people like this are in the world, I feel safe. And I know something larger and much more important will survive no matter what.
My love to all of you.
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What a FANTASTIC mantra! Thank you, thank you for sharing! Hopefully it is contagious... we could ALL use some of that!
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