Plant-based / gluten free requirement ?

Discussion in 'Professional Chefs' started by Keke1811, Mar 15, 2019.

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    Hi all!

    Im currently running a survey mainly targeting chefs.

    After further research, it seems that the trend in the UK is around Plant- based and Gut health.

    I would like to understand:
    - what frustration or gap you’re facing?
    - what ingredient are more searched for?

    your feedback will be really appreciate!

    Many thanks
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    Midwest United States here. I work in a city where it's trendy to have food 'allergies' and 'intolerances'. I don't say that for the purpose of saying that some of our clientele do not have legitimate health concerns.

    That being said, we change our menu four times a year and on each menu we feature a gluten free-vegan entrée and a pasta dish that can be easily made vegan and gluten free.
    I'd say the most frustrating issue when it comes to gluten free items is texture. One common complaint is that the gluten free pasta is slimy (rice based noodles) or gritty (corn/quinoa based noodles) and that the sauce doesn't really adhere to the pasta as well as an actual noodle.
    Veg based items aren't really a hurdle for us though. We actually get great feedback from our customers on our vegan dishes. However I do find that many people that are looking for Vegan are also looking for it to be free on most allergens (nuts, gluten...) which then gets more challenging.