Planning a wedding reception menu

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PLEASE HELP! I am getting married in June and the caterer has given me free reign to decide on a more casual/fun menu than the traditional chicken and fish for a sit down meal. I originally had loved the idea of fancy burgers with sweet potato fries and different dipping sauces, however the parents ( who are paying for the event) think that burgers are too cheap for the venue and cannot wrap there head around any assumption otherwise. I would still love to do a casual and unique meal like a bbq or grilled meal possibly family style or sit down. Does anyone have any sample menu's or ideas for a menu that would suffice for both my parents as well as my fiance and I? I would love any and all advice or ideas.

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BBQ is a great idea! I am in a band and have played dozens and dozens weddings over the years. There have been many with BBQ and it is awesome and fun! Grill chicken and maybe Tri-tip. You could have baked beans, mac 'n cheese, ceaser salad, red pototoes, and corn on the cob. Congrats on the nuptuals. Hope this helped.

P.S. If you are in Southern Oregon, you should hire my band...hahahaha!!! :peace:
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Maybe you could have a beef 3 ways on your entree plate. Let the moms and pops decide on 2 and of course you would choose a "gourmet" slider. Weddings are so much fun! Whatever you do, don't get bogged down on the details. Have you decided on your cake? (being a baker THAT is the most important item on the menu, LOL) Please attach a pix post mortem!
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Congrats on the wedding :)

What comes to mind if you are thinking of bbq is skewered meats and fruits and veg of all kinds - if you like Indian - there's so many variations you could do. That way if you have veg kebabs and lots of rice and dahl type dishes, you also cater for vegetarians. And it could be done family style per table with lots of dipping sauces, flat breads, curry side dishes, salads, rice/bean dishes. If you think the majority of your guests would like it. Think Bollywood. Re the skewers - easy for caterers to prepare ahead, fun for guests to eat, all can be bbq'd and people can make a combo from what is done family style on their table as to their particular tastes, wrap it in some flat bread, and watch the fun as the sauces dribble down their chins :D It's a very interactive type of eating, and breaks the ice amongst people who may never have met before but you have to seat together. They will need to ask one another to pass this that and the other, or ask -How am I supposed to eat that? :) Someone will chip in with an answer - gets them talking.

I'd love to see a wedding feast like that.

You could have lassis served with the curries for a very different kind of drink to cool the heat of the dishes too, for something memorable, apart from the usual alcoholic drinks.

For dessert - stacks of platters of seasonal fruits which should be in season by then, I'm sure your caterer will have some ideas on this. Or, fruit kebabs done on bbq served with yoghurt and honey topping.

Just some thoughts ...Good Luck!
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Think of your guests when you choose the food!

They will be dressed up in nice clothes...don't do drippy hamburgers! Don't do any food with bones to pick around....make it easy!
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