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Has anyone here in Southern/Southwestern Ontario ever purchased a share of their harvest? 

My son is quite the young environmentalist and is part of the environment club at his school.  They had an environmental film festival towards the end of the school year and as part of it they had a Chinese Auction to raise money for the work the club does.  Plan B donated a full share (twenty weeks of freshly harvested produce) and they divided it into five prizes for auction.  My son won one of the prizes so from September 22nd until October 23rd we will be receiving a weekly box filled with freshly harvested vegetables and fruits. 

It will definitely change the way I cook during that month and I'm not sure if that's a bad thing..  I can make squash bread and zucchini loaf with the squash and zucchini that will come with the share, and I'm sure eggplant parm will go over well with the family too. 

I'm thinking that if we're happy with what we receive we'll buy a share for next summer/fall. 

I was just wondering if anyone has had experience with them and if so, how was it?

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