Place for Programmers?

Joined Jun 17, 2019
Hello, I came up with a cool idea some time ago. A cafe for programmers or e-sports players. Where they could work something to snack and drink, and as for the players it is more a place where they could watch matches to have an internet connection. What do you think about this idea?
Joined Jun 11, 2018
Me and a few buddies fresh out of college thought about starting up a similar concept. Mostly for E sports, (back when LoL was becoming popular). There's definitely still a market for that kind of thing, and while our concept was more oriented towards hosting matches, as opposed to spectating, If you open this in a large city, I would say there's a solid chance that you'd be successful. There are even a few concepts like this that exist (around Colorado, I think?) that have thrived enough to open multiple locations.

All of that to say, you'll still be subject to the trend of E-Sports changing. If, for some reason, E-sports turns out to be the fidget spinner of the sports world (Crazy popular one minute, then cringe-worthy the next) you would just be SoL.

But as of right now...
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