Pizza Rustica Help ME

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I am trying to recreate a dish, my grandmother use to make on the Christmas Holidays.
Unfortunately, I was old enough to eat and love it, but not learn how to do it .
I have a good Idea of the ingredients ,and have a good plan of attack . Essentially
it was a pizza rustica , the filling was not what you see in all of the common recipes however.
The filing was potatoes, sliced approximately 1/4 inch slices. Onions which were sliced not
chopped, black Sicilian olives, I call them the wrinkle ones ! She would add some tomato to it not allot, just to give it some color. And I believe some anchovy paste , I may not be right there
however .
The only thing that evades me is the potatoes, I don't see how the potatoes are going to cook through ! Being trapped inside dough , with that much filling . I was thinking to possibly, sauté the
potatoes in a large pan. Cooking them part of the way, and then adding them into the dough for baking. Last night I tried a small amount in a frying pan, I did not like the result however.
How should I handle this, should I parboil the potatoes and then sauté them in onion and add seasoning, tomato, olives ect . Leaving them 1/2 cooked, and then bake ? If any one has some good tactics , I would love to hear it !
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This is something which closely resembles a traditional dish in Gozo where I grew up.

The potatoes are thinly sliced (you can use a mandolin although it traditionally was done with a knife), boiled hard for 3 mins, shocked, dried and then assembled.

It’s called a ftira ghawdxija (gozitan ftira). It can also have fresh sheep cheese as a filling.
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