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    Basically, I am looking for an easy, durable pizza crust recipe. The problem with 'pizza kits' has always been that the crust can only take so much 'creativity' and/ or mass of ingredients before it just becomes squishy, soggy bread underneath. The average 'foodie' can come up with excellent pizza ingredients. But when you throw in crappy crust, it might as well be a casserole or hamburger helper on top of grease-soaked crusty bread. I did make a killer pizza on a round loaf of Armenian Kavosh bread, but that's an expensive crust for what should be an inexpensive, fun pizza derby.
    My fiance and I sometimes see who can make a better pizza. The ingredients are alwasy interesting and good. The problem is always the crust. I find that boxed crusts or refrigerated can crusts are flimsy and get soggy very easy. What I really need is a cheap way to make a thick pizza crust. I am looking for that and a method to reduce the soggy beating my past pizza crusts have sustained.
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    Pizza Crust

    1 lb bread flour
    Capful of yeast (little brown Fleishman's Yeast bottlecap-level)
    water (~1 C)
    salt (1 tsp)
    honey (1-2 Tbsp)

    I put it in a bread machine and it heats up the water and mixes the dough, lets it rise, after which I finish kneading on the countertop. Otherwise use warm water if you are mixing it in a bowl, letting it rise to double volume. I don't worry about too much yeast as the cooking will kill any excess.

    There is enough dough for two thin crust pizzas or one thick crust.


    After putting the rolled out dough on a cornmeal sprinkled peel, take a nice boar paint brush and paint a coating of olive oil on the surface of the crust.

    That prevents the sauce and other ingredients from soaking into and making the crust soggy.

    Bake in a very hot oven (550) on a preheated pizza stone.

    Been doing this for many years and always like the results. For fun, you can incorporate some coarse ground black pepper or whole fennel seeds into the crust (rosemary works too!).