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    @kaneohegirlinaz, this one might be right up your alley but anyone can chime in if they found something available!

    I'm trying to locate a good source for Hawaiian Pineapple here on the mainland. We took our Honeymoon on Maui and with our 18th anniversary is coming up and I wanted to bring a little flavor home for the occasion. Plus, if anyone has had real Hawaiian Pineapple, they understand why I'm trying to find one specifically. Nothing available here is from Hawaii and almost all seem to come from the Dominican Republic or Costa Rica. There is a vast difference even with the best of quality from places other than Hawaii.

    Last week, I was at WF and the quality of the product they had was sketchy at best (all green and hard) and for 8 bucks a piece, it was ridiculous to think about buying.  I did find a "golden" variety at Martin's and the price was right at 3 bucks so picked one up. The one we did buy was deep golden and softening to the point that often causes people to overlook thinking it's going bad. But again, it's not Hawaiian.

    I can't even remember when I was last able to order Hawaiian pineapples from a purveyor but then again, I forgotten a great many things. Anyhow, I found a couple on-line sources and one was specific to Maui. They seemed to be reasonable in cost given the almost 5 thousand miles the product needed to travel. Basically, if we purchased 6, it was about 13 bucks a piece but that included shipping and that taken into consideration, the cost was close to the lesser quality ones from WF. The only trouble is, buying 6, they may go bad before we ate them all. I could easily make a couple sauces but that would be a waste of that specific pineapple. Canned product or the one's available work fine for that since there are other ingredients beside the pineapple.

    So, other than refrigeration, and eating way more than I should in a short amount of time,  my next question is would there be any suggestions out there on the best way to store them so not to lose any product to spoiling. I seem to remember a fermented pineapple compote made out of excess. Maybe I'll just stick to that if there are no suggestions.
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