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my friend says you cannot bake canned pineapples in metal or tin pans because it causes some type of reaction. have planned to make mini dump cakes for christmas presents using small aluminum pans. is this safe??
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Aluminum can "react with food, especially acid foods, and elemental aluminum will react with digestive enzymes to deactivate them. Chronic aluminum poisoning is also implicated in Alzheimers disease and other degenerative CNS diseases."

Check here for more info.

You can easily line the tin with parchment paper if you're worried.

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I have been following the aluminum cookware/alzheimer's connection for some time and unless some information has come out very recently, there is no conclusive evidence linking the two.

That being said, I would avoid using aluminum with acidic or salty foods - not for health reasons but for aesthetic ones.

Corroded aluminum will give food a metallic taste - which, depending on the length of time the food has in contact with the almuninum, may be barely noticeble but undesirable none the less.
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