Pineapple fruit cake

Will a boiled crushed pineapple fruit cake keep if pineapple juice is substituted for brandy?

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Joined Oct 8, 2017
I’ve been asked to make a crushed pineapple fruit cake for a Christmas fare on November 4th will this cake keep till Christmas if I substitute the pineapple juice for Brandy?
Joined Sep 26, 2017
It's not the brandy part that you should worry about. Fruitcakes made with fresh fruits will not last as long as those made with dried fruits.

Also, the taste of alcohol is part of the fruitcake's characteristic, so you'd better off using one of the pineapple liqueurs instead.
Joined Dec 18, 2010
I wouldn’t make one without alcohol... and dislike eating those without. It’s not only part of the taste but the preservative too.

Without the booze it’s a fruity cake but not a fruitcake. Could taste good too, but I wouldn’t try aging one.
Joined May 30, 2018
There is an interesting no-cook, raw, Vegan (and for those preferring no booze & no gluten either) recipie at
You can substitute any dried fruits or nuts that you want (but see comment re utilizing dates).
This could be nicely substituted with dried pineapple & any other complimentary ingredients.
Use refined coconut oil if you want a neutral oil flavor (that is, no added coconut flavor beyond the dried coconut which is listed among the ingredients).

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