Pineapple carpaccio with goat cheese and saffron oil

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The new Art Culinare # 59 Has some very Interesting recipes. I did the Carpaccio last night. It was really tasty. On page 51 theres a whimsical raspberry and chocolate " club sandwich"using grilled pound cake for the bread raspberry and chocolate sorbets as the meat, served with a raspberry salad a raspberry sauce and a chocolate sauce. I put this on a banquet menu for monday, replacing the Raspberries (price is in outer space)with Bing Cherries from chili $33.00 for 11# opposed to &48.00+ a flat for the raspberries
I will let you know how it turns out. Just something fun around the holidays
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Thanks for sharing Cape Chef. It's kind of mind boggling to think of what practical applications come from all those recipes when they arrive in the mailbox....
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