Pine Mouth! Have you ever suffered from it's bitter effects?

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   Hello all,

  I was just wondering if any out there has experienced pine mouth before?  You can read more about it in the link below.

   Pinch My Salt; Pine Mouth!  

   I actually have had pine mouth happen to me a couple of times before I narrowed in on the cause.  The first time I experienced it there wasn't much information out there on it at all.  But, as time went on it seems more and more people are starting to suffer from pine mouth.

    Previous to my first experience with pine mouth I have eaten pine nuts quite often.  I would make pesto all the time, season permitting.  I'd put them in salads and in all kinds of other meals.  I'd also enjoy them raw.  Never ever a problem..never.

  Until one day an extreme bitter taste developed in my mouth.  The nuts themselves tasted fine...were rancid nuts or off taste at all.  In fact, the bitter taste didn't develop until nearly half a day after eating the pine nuts.  Because the pine nuts tasted fine and the effects weren't evident until many hours later identifying the cause was a bit difficult.  During the first pine mouth episode I was gardening when the symptoms first developed.  My first thought was some of the organic fertilizer in the soil.

   The bitter taste may effect people differently.  For me each time was nothing even close to subtle.  Every single thing that I ate or drank had an extreme bitter taste to it.  There was no way to get away from that nasty taste, YUK!  In fact...the horrible taste lasted a couple of weeks before in started to go away.

    The cause?  I'm not sure...and I haven't found anything convincing that they were sure of the answer either.  Some of the things people claim is the reason is...
       ...a person blood type, pine nuts from China, some new variety.

    I'm not sure what the reason...but it's certainly something to avoid!

   anyone else ever feel the bitter effects of pine mouth?

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Hi Gonefishin
I had something very similar develop, not after pine nuts, but after the dentist used a particular substance on an inflamed gum.  It had a tolerably bad taste to it, but it left my mouth tasting horrible for many days later, even a week or so, ruining the flavor of everything i ate.  When i went back he couldn't really understand the problem, thinking it was just the taste of the substance i didn;t like, but which couldn;t in any case have lasted that long, but instead i know it wasn't the taste, but some sort of aftertaste. 
It follows very closely to your description. 
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I had a similar problem when my zinc levels were too high. always had a bitter metallic taste in my mouth. lasted for months. had to limit anything that contained it.
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I had a similar problem when my zinc levels were too high. always had a bitter metallic taste in my mouth. lasted for months. had to limit anything that contained it.

   Hmmmm.  After doing just a little bit of reading on zinc levels and suspected changes in taste, I'll have to look into this more.   Right now it seems to make more sense than any of the other explanations.

   It's odd that there is no off flavor to the pine nuts when I'm eating them...but the off flavor develops after sever to many hours.  But if my body has to process the pine nuts first...

     ...I'll definitely look into this more...thanks!
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